Toy Organizer and Storage Bins – Me Time Score: 120 Minutes - July 1, 2012

Me time: 120 minutes

Effort time: 10 minutes (assembly)

Replay value: 30 minutes (two weeks and counting)


If I gave Babyface a cardboard box and a stick (not sharp of course), she would find a creative way to turn the two into something crazy; her imagination is wild.  With all of the social media out there today, I see a lot of couples and friends sitting in restaurants not communicating with each other; they’re chatting on their phones within their online communities, instead.  That is where they share their creativity.  Children aren’t exposed to this yet, so their creativity is found in the very simple.


A couple of weeks ago, my daughter made a choo choo train out of her Honey-Can-Do Kids Toy Organizer and Storage Bins.  She took the bins out, lined them up, seated her best, stuffed friends and shouted “All aboard!”  She spent the next TWO HOURS moving the animals around and reading books to them on the train.  Every now and then she would ask my husband to say, “Bunny, start that train!”  We would giggle and were allowed to go back to our own business, while she was completely content in her self-made, choo choo.


Believe it or not, these bins are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.  Let’s face it, things like pieces of games, doll dresses and letter magnets get scattered all over the living room floor.  When you have company or just can’t stare at the mess anymore, you’re required to help your kid clean it up quickly.  With these bins, you don’t have to open boxes or put accessories in baggies or containers.  You can sort them and be on your way.


Babyface used to overuse the excuse that she couldn’t open the game or puzzle box to put the pieces away.  These bins have no top or lock, she just has to sort the pieces correctly, which is an added skill for kids to master.  No more excuses.


For the past two weeks, the choo choo train has been on a regular schedule.  Almost every evening, it makes a stop at our house and gives me time to cook, clean or even just sit down.  It truly is a saving grace and one of those rare purchases with multiple uses.  I can actually see the floor.


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