Tom Cruise And His Tragicomedy - April 9, 2013

Tom Cruise And His TragicomedyI like to separate my opinions about an actor’s professional prowess from their personal stupidity.  I’m afraid if I read the tabloids and let the information seep into my view of their performance; I would never see a movie again.


Tom Cruise is a great example of this.  He’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs on a personal level, but also a great actor.  If he jumped on a sofa in a movie, he might even gain an Oscar nod for his performance.  But, jumping on Oprah’s couch was like watching my 4-year-old slip into a sugar high on Halloween, running around the kitchen island screaming, “Trick or treat.  Trick or treat,” over and over again in different pitches.  His energy is exhausting and dumbfounding.  It’s fake and just for show.


Sometimes my daughter has her surprisingly thoughtful, yet comical, moments.  The other day she said, “I’ll be able to get rid of the pink, potty seat, when my butt is as big as yours.”  Honesty at it’s best.


Today, when I was reading US Weekly online (quality journalism, yes), I came across a Tom Cruise quote from the German TV network, ProSieben.  He said, “Life is a tragicomedy.  You need to have a sense of humor.”


Wait a minute.  Did he say something real?  Wait a minute.  Did he just say something that made sense?


Sure, it’s not really profound, but I had never thought of the word “tragicomedy” before.  Going through some recent stuff myself, it was a nice reminder to laugh, when the sh!t hits the fan.  And, with a kid, the sh!t may literally hit the fan at any moment.  Maybe he should have played Raymond instead of Charlie in Rain Man.  It’s such a dumb, made-up word, but it gave me an “Aha!” moment.


Life with a kid is full of tragedy.  Okay, maybe tragedy is an extreme word.  It’s full of sh!t in all shapes, forms and foul-language slip-ups.  But, sh!tcomedy simply doesn’t sound as good.


Thanks for making me think today, Tom.  Now, excuse me, while I go wash my brain out with soap.  Excuse me, while I go think of a better made-up, morphed word to describe motherhood.  My daughter ate my brain cells, so this may take a while.


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