The Walking Dead: Parenthood Still Exists In A Zombie Apocalypse - April 7, 2013

The Walking Dead: Parenthood Still Exists In A Zombie ApocalypseYes, it has been days since The Walking Dead season finale premiered.  Having a kid, DVR is my best friend.  I never watch anything the day it airs, anymore.  In fact, I’m just now starting on season one of Dexter, during my daily workout on the treadmill.  I need to combine my adult activities or they will cease to exist.


[Spoiler Alert]


Many people have questioned how Carl shot one of the Governor’s army in cold blood, after he had already surrendered.  Truth is, the Gov’s guy never put his rifle down.  Carl may have acted too hastily, but he’s a kid.  He is a product of his environment.  He has grown up without a mother and a father.  No one ever took the time to teach him right or wrong.  His dad has killed humans in front of him.


Yes, they were both alive for several of the seasons, but they were too busy worrying about infidelity and how to kill zombies to care about his mental health.  He wasn’t given a fighting chance, just a shotgun and an old sheriff’s hat that probably reeks as bad as socks worn for ten days straight.


Will he turn to the dark side next season?  What the heck is the dark side at this point?  I’m sure he’ll be misguided like a blind rat in a maze full of trap doors and bomb traps.  He’s a kid.  He had to witness his mother’s death.  He’s a kid.  He had to witness a zombie Sophia exit the barn and get shot, all while Carroll, her mother, watched.  He’s a first child that had to witness the birth of his sister, just as he lost his mother.  There has to be a lot of sibling resentment there, too.


He dealt with the death of his father and then found out he was still alive.  He disliked his mother for her infidelity and didn’t know how to react, so he shunned her.  He decided not to communicate with her.  He needed time to process it; all while a bunch of bloody zombies were trying to take a bite out of him.  His mother died before he was able to forgive her and make amends.  That’s a bigger weight, than 10,000, dog-piled zombies placed on top of someone.


His mother is dead.  His father is seeing ghosts.  No one else even really acknowledges him.  I’d say he’s pretty well adjusted for being raised in a zombie apocalypse.  Note to self: if everyone turns into a zombie, don’t forget that you’re always a mother first.  They’re building Damien with their negligence.


Hey Rick, let the others fight the Gov and the zombies for a while and focus on your kids!  Hey Rick, play catch with your kid, even if it’s with a zombie’s head.  Hey Rick, teach your kid to ride a bike, even if it’s how to ride away from zombies.  Hey Rick, get your kid some books and let him learn to escape into other worlds.  Maybe normal, pre-zombie-apocalypse life will be like a fantasy world for him.  Hey Rick, you’re still a dad first!


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