Stewie “Harvey Dent” Griffin - August 15, 2012

My daughter has two personalities.  She puts Two Face to shame.  In fact, I’m thinking about changing her middle name to Harvey Dent.


At home, she’s little miss bossy pants.  “Mommy, get my socks”, “Mommy, I need milk”,  “Mommy, play with me”.  All day long a list of demands with no please or question mark included, unless I remind her.  Sometimes I’ll get lucky and aliens will abduct her at night and she’ll be extra nice for a day and I’ll wonder if they sent back the right kid.  Yep, birthmark is still there.  Check.  It’s my kid.


She acts all innocent like she forgets the “please” or the “thank you”, full on puppy dog eyes in place, but I know the real deal.  She’s Stewie Griffin’s long lost twin.  Fraternal, of course.  She got the looks.


Then, there is her school and playdate personality.  I swear her voice even changes, up a few octaves with an even sweeter tone and slight toddler lisp.  She’s passive-aggressive, but not in the traditional sense.  She’s passive at school and aggressive at home.


The odd part is it’s only with certain kids.  I tell her, “Friends play together.  They don’t tell each other what to do.”  I don’t think it has sunk in completely yet, but I’m hoping for her sake it will soon.


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