Ship Wrecked - May 30, 2012

Is it possible to have post-traumatic stress syndrome after a ship that I wasn’t on sunk?  I’m having a reoccurring dream that my daughter is hanging from the railing of the Concordia and the ship is about to hit 90 degrees and slide down into the sea.  I’m watching her from a distance [I must know how to fly in this dream] and she’s screaming “Mommy!” but I can’t reach her.


This is where I wake up and can’t figure out whether I’m having a hot flash, night sweat or I’m some sort of superhero who doesn’t know how to use her special, super powers and I’ll keep reliving the same nightmare over and over, Groundhog Day-style, until I can save her.  I’m drenched.  Sweat or sea water is the question here.  They’re both salty, so I can’t be sure.


My other two Musketeers and I went on a cruise shortly before the Concordia Captain killed all of those innocent people.  Prior to that trip, I thought only retired and/or old people went cruising.


Well, it’s not like my 3-year-old is going to gear up and hike Machu Picchu or go zip lining in Central America anytime soon, so it was either this, beach bumming it out or going to Disney-something.  We didn’t want to waste the money, until she could really appreciate the Magic, so we decided on a cruise.  The main selling points were the free food (well, more like all-you-can-eat), number of hot tubs, drink specials, child check-in and Bingo.  Yes, I love bingo and I’m not using a walker…yet.


Let’s just say I’ll never check my child in anywhere again.  If I ever go on a cruise, she will be attached to my hip and I’m not afraid to use Krazy Glue.  Two nights of our trip, we checked her in at the daycare from 7:30-10 pm (Pacific Time plague.  We were up until midnight every night), so we could check out the comedy club and play a little Craps.  Everything looked perfectly safe.  They gave us a cell phone to contact them, or vice versa, in case of an emergency.  It all went down without a hitch.  She was happy and we got to go to happy hour with two-for-one champagne cocktails.


Apart from my newfound understanding of sea legs (this is a real thing.  I felt like I was on the ship for 4 days after and our bed swayed for at least 6), we were ready to purchase our frequent shipper passes.  A few weeks later, I was glued to CNN watching the Concordia sink and the coked-up Captain appear in court.  I mean, when I worked at Nokia, we had to take a drug test, but cruise Captains are exempt?


If we were on that ship and it hit the rocks at 9:42 pm, then our daughter would have been 7 flights up on the opposite end of the boat.  Yes, there are stairs, but there was also mass hysteria.  And, I know how pushy those cruisers were just to have a halfway decent dinner.  I can’t even imagine how difficult it would have been to haul ourselves up there without feeling like we were in Spain, but running AGAINST the stampede of bulls.


This makes me hyperventilate.  No kidding.  I’m sitting here with a paper bag in one hand and typing with the other.  A 5-year-old and her dad were two of the victims.  Her mother, who was not on the ship, had to survive her own daughter.


My daughter now takes weekly swim lessons and we’re going to Disney World this summer.  How secure are those Mad Tea Party cups to the ground, anyway?


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