Review: Finding My Second Skin With Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts - November 11, 2012

Review: Finding My Second Skin With Adovia 100% Dead Sea Bath SaltsBeauty products, especially bath-related products can be hit or miss.  They may have a nice scent, but leave you smelling strawberries for hours after, ad nauseam.  The fizz may fizzle out within the first two minutes of the bath.  The bubbles may offer a few minutes of foam, until I’m looking straight at my privates.  My boat sinks to the bottom and I can see it (nothing wrong with making more use of my daughter’s bath toys, right?).  And, what’s the Titantic without the icebergs?


I love to be surprised.  And, indulging in Cleopatra’s Choice Adovia 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts was like picking a chocolate from an assorted box and finding out it’s a dark chocolate truffle; baths, dark chocolate and wine being three of My Favorite Things, if I were to do a Sound of Music remake.  If I’m indulging in all three, then lock the door and let me stay in for youthful eternity, because I’m suddenly Cleopatra incarnate.


My daughter went through a cry-and-carry-me-mommy phase this week.  I don’t always cave, but this week was particularly trying with her, so I spent a lot of time walking and carrying someone half my size.  I didn’t realize the toll it took on my back until late Friday night.  I spent most of Saturday pumped up on Advil and decided to set aside at least 15 minutes this morning to take a bath with Cleopatra’s Choice Adovia 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts.


15 minutes of take-me-away and let me pretend Marc Antony is right outside my door.  And, no, I’m not referring to J. Lo’s ex.  I’m referring to the love story that Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fired up both on and off screen, the story of Cleopatra and her Marc Antony.  Cleopatra was known for her love of beauty.  She would bathe in a special, milk and honey mixture everyday, offering natural lactic acid to her skin.


During trying weeks as a mother, my beauty regime suffers.  I forget to put lotion on my skin and it gets so scaly that I’m like a snake ready to shed a layer.  I feel like I’m constantly waiting for my second skin, during the fall and winter because central heating always dries me out.  Enter the Cleopatra’s Choice Adovia 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts.


I decided I would pull out every stop to make my bath experience perfect, so I could evaluate the Cleopatra’s Choice Adovia 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts without any malfunctions (Yes, I know, the things I do for my love of blogging).  The fact that this was a bath product and a perfect excuse to disappear for any mother is beside the point.


My husband had the kid in check and I was ready to put on my black, braided, imaginary wig and shed my white satin cloak.  I turned out the lights and lit up the four, tea candles surrounding the bath.  I turned on the iPad for some nature sounds.  I set my box of chocolates and strawberry lemonade on the edge of the bath (too early for wine, but never too early for chocolate).


I flipped on the water, testing it to make sure it wasn’t too hot or too cold, just warm enough for the bath soak.  I swirled a generous handful of the Cleopatra’s Choice Adovia 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts into the bathtub.  I stepped into a warm mixture of soothing and subtle smelling relaxation.  No toxic and smelly fragrances, just a subtle scent of soap.  I lost myself for 15 minutes.  15 minutes of me time.  15 minutes to shed my mental and external toxins.


When I stepped out of the bath, the water trickled straight down my legs.  There was no bumpy, dry skin to offer it another direction.  When I stepped out, I could feel my old, tired skin around my waist, my legs and finally my toes, until it was left, lost in the bath.  I flipped the bath plug switch and watched it swirl down the drain.


As mothers when we are stressed, it shows in our skin.  We can cover it up with turtlenecks and blue jeans, but it doesn’t stop us from feeling the scales.  We know they’re there and that’s enough to make us feel less beautiful.  My week was so trying and tiring with my daughter.  Cleopatra’s Choice Adovia 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts was the perfect remedy to shed my scales and reveal my second skin, while daddy took care of my little parasite for just 15 minutes.  15 minutes to let me feel more like Cleopatra and less like the lead in Snakes on a Plane.

  1. I love bath salts! These sound great!

    Comment by Happy Little Feet — November 11, 2012 @ 8:37 pm
  2. Try them out and let me know what you think. You deserve the break :)

    Comment by Mommy Unmuted — November 11, 2012 @ 9:34 pm

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