Party On, Polly Pocket – Me Time Score: 180 Minutes - June 10, 2012

Polly Pocket Polly Friendship Set Collection

Me time: 180 minutes

Effort time: 30 minutes (you will have to play together once to get them in the groove)

Replay value: 90 minutes (so far)


Whoever invented Polly Pocket is a “me time” genius.  Don’t be deceived by the age suggestion slapped on the side of the box.  If your kid isn’t ready to be challenged and patient for a good outcome, then you’ll be playing with these dolls too and cursing me for writing this review.


Age 3+ is just an estimate.  It was more like 3.75+ for my daughter.  Where I used to sit with Babyface, changing her dolls clothes and zoning out, I can now leave her completely unattended with a box of these dolls and their rubber garments.  The clothes are so darn hard to get on, but she sits there for hours putting them on, playing pretend in her dollhouse, taking them off and trying on another outfit.


Some of the clothes look like something straight out of a Vivian Westwood line and their hair is reminiscent of the Sex Pistols, but at least they’re tasteful.  They don’t look slutty like the Bratz dolls.  They’re just these teeny, little dolls with these tiny, little rubber clothes.


If your kid is ready and you do become a believer, then you may find yourself restocking these from time to time.  The heads need to be taken off to replace the outfits and sometimes they just don’t go back on (Yes, you have to decapitate the doll to get her dressed).  The rubber clothes also rip fairly easily.  To me, this is a small price to pay for A LOT of “me time”.


Yesterday, my daughter played for three hours, quietly (a word that is definitely not used much around our house) with these dolls.  Every now and then, I would scream up to make sure she was breathing or step in to check her pulse.  All was good and I got through 15% of the DVR.  She only took one snack and one potty break.


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