You Say It’s Your Birthday…Da Na Na Na Na Nah - March 8, 2013

You Say It's Your BirthdayThose of you who grew up on John Hughes movies probably have the Beatles song, Birthday, on repeat once a year, just like I do thanks to Sixteen Candles.  Today is that day.  Today, I turn twenty…something.  Why does anyone even say thirty-something or forty-something?  After all, we’re all still twenty-something for as long as we live, right?


I used to be willing to tip someone, if they’d buy me booze from the local convenience store.  Now, I want to tip someone, if they just ask me for my ID.  I used to be able to party two days in a row without sleep and then go running. 

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Lazy, Lazy Boys, Butt Comfortable - March 7, 2013

La-z-boy, Butt ComfortableTwo months ago, I decided to give our family room an overhaul.  Our furniture was circa 2001 and aging at dog-speed.  When I purchased the old set, I went for the fancy, European look.  Tight lines, classy leather and, tiny uncomfortable furniture.  I lived in the city and rarely even sat on it.  I was always out and about, socializing.  The furniture was more of an art piece.


Then, I had a kid, my social life sprinted out the door and my need for affordable comfort surfaced.   My back would hurt, if I sat for longer than 30 minutes.  The cushions were too flat to lie down. 

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Our Children, Innocent Critics - March 6, 2013

Our Children, Innocent CriticsRecently, my husband, who never seems to have self-doubt, fell victim to a clueless child, our daughter.  He’s as confident as Ben Affleck was that he deserved the Oscar.  He deserved it.  He was robbed.  I digress.


My husband never cares about how he looks or what others think of him.  He was taught to believe in himself or maybe no one ever condescended and told him he wasn’t worthy of anything.  He never focuses on the superficial, either.  He doesn’t look in the mirror and worry that his wrinkles look deeper than last year.  He doesn’t look at himself and worry whether his hairline is disappearing. 

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Bon Voyage, Babyface…To The Backyard - March 5, 2013

Bon Voyage, Babyface... To the BackyardMany years ago (I will say over a decade ago, just to keep from emphasizing my old age) I spent the summer on Oahu.  I had a best girlfriend that was going to the University of Hawaii for the summer.  I didn’t want to spend the summer alone and feared loneliness and boredom.  I begged my father to let me go.


I didn’t tell him what I would be studying.  Times were different.  He never really asked.  It fit my general election classes, but it was the easiest of the bunch.  I took a Drafting class.


Yes, I was a manipulative kid. 

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Charlotte’s Web: Slaughterhouse Four - March 3, 2013

Charlotte's Web: Slaughterhouse FourMost of our children’s “why” questions are about the life that surrounds them.  Then, there is a day where they invite the Grim Reaper to loom amongst their thoughts.  They become curious about death.  My four-year-old is visiting this dark side for the first time this week, thanks to the movie, Charlotte’s Web.


I remember when I was six; I sat on my parent’s black, leather recliner next to my father.  It was a dark and gloomy day outside, suitable to the topic that had seeped into my thoughts.  I was curious about death, but can’t remember what sparked it. 

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Empathy: Note To Self - February 24, 2013

Empathy: Note to SelfI live in an area where the melting pot is not only simmering; it is about to boil over.  Because of the diversity surrounding me, I often wonder how the world around me still shakes with so little empathy.  I teach my daughter that perseverance, focus, passion, compassion and patience are essential in life.  But, one of the most important words I will ever teach her is “empathy”.  She’s only four, so I don’t think she quite grasps the meaning yet, let alone the spelling.  Someday, I hope she will.


Have we paved such strict paths that we cannot stand back, reflect and view a person’s different trials and tribulations and accept them with empathy, even though we don’t truly understand them? 

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Valentine’s Day Mash-up - February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Mash-upSo many people believe that Valentine’s Day is merely a commercial holiday.  Sure, it’s capitalistic in nature.  Hallmark makes a killing.  Greeting cards fly off of the stands, leaving only scraps of mismatched envelopes and cards with boring or unfunny messages that no one wants…for last minute shoppers.  Godiva and Hershey’s mass-produce their heart-shaped delights.  Women indulge in their tasty treats, sometimes trying each and putting back the not-so-tasty ones, leaving a box of one-bite chocolates set in front of a happy smile.  And, don’t forget the champagne and wine makers that fill us with a slight buzz, just enough to enhance the romance in the air.

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Lying and Peeing Don’t Mix - February 11, 2013

Lying and Peeing Don't MixI’ve been low, lately.  I’ve been low, down and it’s a dirty shame.  It’s the SAHM curse.  We don’t have to dawn make-up and look more than “presentable”, when we’re in a funk.  Deodorant is only a requirement for the indoor activities.  No one is sitting next to us in a meeting or close enough to see our greasy hair.  With the sun’s glare and a hair tie, it looks like the latest salon style.  Slicked-back-in-a-bun never really goes out of style, as long as there’s no scrunchie to greet it, right?  There are no fluorescent lights to highlight our wrinkles and stained clothes. 

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Opening Pandora Radio’s Box - February 7, 2013

Opening Pandora Radio's BoxI’ve opened Pandora’s Box and I’ve found a magic wand for any emotion my mind wants to channel.  My husband, My Boulder, has been pushing for me to listen to Pandora Radio for years.  The answer has always been an overwhelming, “No, thank you.  Traditional radio and my old, iTunes playlists are just fine.”


Just like Satellite Radio, I don’t give into new things easily.  I didn’t succumb to cable, until HBO decided to make quality TV and I had a kid, so The Real Housewives could let me live mindlessly and vicariously.  I refrain, especially, when there are over a hundred options. 

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Girl’s Guide To Football: Go 49ers - February 2, 2013

Girls Guide to Football: Go 49ersI am about to utter words that I never thought would leave my mouth or be tapped by my fingers.  Words that when put together once invoked nausea.  Words that my husband probably prayed for BEFORE his own health.  The words: I LOVE FOOTBALL.  That’s it, everyone, hell has officially frozen over.  Global warming will soon come to a close.


If you had asked me a year and half ago what offsides meant, I might have told you a player fell off his rocker.  If you had asked me what the numbers a quarterback chants before a play meant, I may have said the week’s winning lottery numbers or the numbers the Oceanic survivors had to punch in to keep the island from blowing up. 

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