I Have Confidence - May 17, 2012

Last night I had a full, half hour reprieve.  No chores to do.  No cute little voice tugging on my pants and talking.  No “Mommy, can I eat?”  No “Mommy, can you watch me potty?” No “Mommy, will you play with me?”  No “Mommy, why [insert anything]?”  Just silence.  Whoever coined the phrase “silence is golden” must have been a parent.


So, what did I do with this half hour blessing?  I drifted into the mindless oblivion of reality TV, The X Factor.  For the first 20 minutes I was subjected to the rejects that come on the show based off a dare or are clueless that their so-called comedic performance just isn’t funny.  

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What Did I Do Wrong? - May 16, 2012

Whenever my daughter sits in time out, I’m always subjected to the routine lower lip extension and the question “what did I do wrong?”  She knows the answer, but I think she hopes that early Alzheimer’s might kick in someday and I won’t remember why I punished her.  Well, maybe not.  She’s only three. She probably just wants to see whether I’ll cave into her devilish cuteness.


Today, my daughter’s preschool teacher summoned me at daily pick up to discuss her behavior.  As a parent, I feel like my daughter’s actions are a direct reflection of me.  I’m helping to build her and if I’m not attentive enough, I might forget something important like the windows or maybe even part of the foundation.  

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Under “API” Pressure - May 15, 2012

Tigers don’t like to live in wide open spaces.  They prefer forests and tall, grassy areas to shield them from the sun.  They prefer to be camouflaged to eye their prey.


In Silicon Valley, they live in the great, wide open.  They commune in clusters, in cul-de-sacs, suburban streets and neighborhoods surrounding select schools.  There is a Kumon center nestled in the nearest strip mall and the API scores are often approaching 1000.


Schools offer a foundation for the basics in education, but the real learning occurs at home and in outside tutoring facilities. Well-meaning parents searching for a better education for their children flock to these now high-priced neighborhoods, naïve that it’s the cubs that spike the API scores and not necessarily the system.

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Eye of the Tiger Mom - May 14, 2012

I dreamt a tiger set eyes on my 3-year-old daughter, licked its lips and lept to maul her.  Only I was the victim, teeth meeting my chest, as I jumped in front of her.  I woke gripping a ladybug pillow pet in a pool of sweat.


I believe the dream was both literal and metaphorical.  Literally, as I will be attending the circus with my daughter on Saturday and I wonder whether the tiger trainer will be as unfortunate as Roy Horn.  Only this time unleash the beast on the innocent within the seats.  Metaphorically, because I live in Silicon Valley and I’m surrounded by tigers…Tiger Moms, that is.

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