The Walking Dead: Parenthood Still Exists In A Zombie Apocalypse - April 7, 2013

The Walking Dead: Parenthood Still Exists In A Zombie ApocalypseYes, it has been days since The Walking Dead season finale premiered.  Having a kid, DVR is my best friend.  I never watch anything the day it airs, anymore.  In fact, I’m just now starting on season one of Dexter, during my daily workout on the treadmill.  I need to combine my adult activities or they will cease to exist.


[Spoiler Alert]


Many people have questioned how Carl shot one of the Governor’s army in cold blood, after he had already surrendered.  Truth is, the Gov’s guy never put his rifle down.  Carl may have acted too hastily, but he’s a kid.  

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Share Day Backfired - April 3, 2013

Share Day BackfiredI watched my four-year-old leave school today with her snack bag and a shattered heart.  Her preschool asked each child to bring in a flower, say something nice about one person in their life (parent, teacher, grandparent, friend or anyone else) and donate it to the group table.


Yesterday, when we picked out the flower, I was happy that Babyface had chosen her teacher, because I didn’t want her to make any of the other kids feel left out.  It was a great decision, I thought.  Unfortunately, in trying to avoid hurting other kids, Babyface ended up feeling left out. 

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School Project: Death Of A Traditional Perfectionist - April 2, 2013

School Project: Death Of A Traditional PerfectionistI thought I had a few more years before the class “projects” consumed my afternoons.  I thought I had a few more years before I had to introduce my daughter to the world of Photoshop.  Apparently, these projects start in preschool.  At this rate, in a few years, they’ll start while babies are still in the womb.


The other day at pick-up. Babyface was smiling ear-to-ear, carrying a big bag.  She gave me a running hug and I almost toppled over, the contents, a medium-sized, stuffed elephant and a binder, flew out and landed on the ground.  “Oh no, Mommy! 

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This Is 40…Yep - March 27, 2013

This is 40... YepLast night, after Babyface settled into bed, Hubs and I decided to watch This is 40.   Let me start by saying that I love almost every movie that Judd Apatow is connected to.  I rarely purchase movies, but I own The 40-year-old Virgin, Knocked Up and Superbad.


They are all comfort movies that offer up great laughs and have had many revivals in our home.  We watch them yearly.  Todd Phillips movies come in a close second.  I could put The Hangover or Old School on repeat and still laugh at every damn scene, maybe even snort a few times.

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How To Create A Monster In 5 Days - March 26, 2013

how to create a sick monster child in 5 daysThe first day of spring symbolizes so many wonderful things: warmer weather, birds chirping, more daylight…and longer spurts without fevers, sore throats, coughs and chills for Babyface.  This year, as I was just about ready to settle into six months without doctor’s visits or trips to urgent care, she caught a virus from The Petri Dish, also known as preschool.


Things started off mild.  There was just a low-grade fever and some sniffles.  As the weekend progressed, the sniffles became a fountain of snot and my shirt the most convenient handkerchief.  The whining, fussiness and sleepiness escalated.  Normally, Babyface is one of those kids that act normal when they’re sick. 

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Mother And The Other F Word - March 22, 2013

Mother And The Other F WordFlipping through channels on a Babyface-nap/Mommy-vacation, recently, I came across the documentary The Other F Word.  The secondary F-word, Father, being G-rated in nature, but the subjects of the movie R-rated.  I was quickly glued to the TV, when I noticed the synopsis mentioned punk bands like Pennywise and Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers.  How would these subjects be tied to fatherhood?  Was this a cautionary tale?  Was this a “how not to do” for parenthood?


I was a huge connoisseur of punk bands, like the Sex Pistols, when I was 5.  Okay, I was a little older than 5, but that’s not the point. 

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Just Say “No” To MMOGs - March 19, 2013

Just Say “No” To MMOGsWhen I was a kid, my dad worked for a company that was partnered with Atari.  He’d hand me a printout, made on his dot matrix printer, with a list of almost every game available for the Atari 2600.  I would pick the games I wanted and he would come home with the semiconductor chips to plug into our dad-made, master cartridge.  He was like the MacGuyver of video games.  We had some really obscure games like Montezuma’s Revenge.  And, no, it wasn’t about Traveler’s Diarrhea.


I would have considered myself a “Gamer”, except that word was always equated with Dungeons and Dragons, back then. 

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Easter: Hunting Wabbits Is Dangerous - March 18, 2013

Easter: Hunting Wabbits Is DangerousWhen I was very young, back when little, black backpacks and scrunchies were still acceptable, I remember attending the Tibetan Freedom Concert.  There were so many A-list bands playing that they had two stages set-up side-by-side, to decrease the wait time between sets.  Fans would glide back-n-forth on their tip toes, cartoon-style, as soon as the previous band exited the stage.


Punk and rock concerts were like Christmas, Easter and Halloween all wrapped up into one.  The treats were the bands and the beer and the mosh pits were the community Easter Egg Hunts.  If you were willing to weather all of the pushing and shoving, you could get close enough to make eye contact with the band members.  

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Yoda: Master of Acupuncture - March 14, 2013

Yoda: Master of AcupunctureRecently, my stress levels were so high that Yoga and deep breathing couldn’t stop my heart from feeling like it was trying to escape the confines of my chest.  And it’s not like I could meditate all day long.  My daughter’s face would be inches away from mine in less than two minutes.  I’d open my eyes and she’d be smiling at me, announcing that I looked silly.


I needed another escape.  Wine not being a daily option with a four-year-old, a friend mentioned acupuncture.  I immediately thought of a rag doll with needles.  The idea of laying down for an hour with pins placed in me, seemed more like voodoo torture, than a break from my racing thoughts.

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City Of Joy - March 12, 2013

City of JoyIt’s been 3.5 years exactly, since we sold our condo in the city and ventured to suburbia.  If you had asked me 14 years ago, I would have said I would never venture away from the bright lights of the big city and settle into a safe, single family home.  For my daughter, it would have been like putting on a princess costume, when she wanted a dinosaur one.


I never thought I would miss the smell of urine or the dirty cigarette butts that lined certain streets.  I never thought I would miss the sound of sirens, as they used to hum me to sleep. 

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