Birthday Party Planning Post-Mortem - August 14, 2012

We had my daughter’s first, real birthday party on Saturday.  By real, I mean inviting people other than her relatives.  By real, I mean not just letting a bunch of waiters sing Happy Birthday to her, hand her an ice cream sundae and slap a sombrero on her head.  I didn’t want to have a birthday party for her, unless she could tell me the names of the friends she wanted to invite and this was the year.  Four was her lucky number.


I went through my bounce house blues months ago and decided to go easy on the planning and pick a venue that had prepackaged birthday party options. 

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School’s In - August 13, 2012

My baby may be graduating from preschool this year.    I say may because she’s close to the cusp of the kindergarten cut-off for next year.  If she’s not ready, then I have no qualms about holding her back.  I won’t do it, unless it’s right for her, but I secretly want to; just so I can get one more year with her.


Of course, my attitude may change once she becomes a teenager and has “attitude”.  I may wish I had just bought her a red shirt, instead of redshirting her.   But, for now, I want her to be forever young. 

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Not Fun. Period. - August 9, 2012

Gentlemen avert your eyes, if you get squeamish when words like “maxi”, “flow”, and “cramps” are used in the same sentence.  This post is all about going with the flow or, in my case, going against it.  It’s basically an all out bitch session about the curse and catch-22 of being a woman.


Somewhere between the age of 11 and 14 (probably more like 9 and 14 now), all girls wake up to a “surprise”, a little present lining their underwear or marking their toilet paper.  Some are prepared and just tell their mother they need something by Always, Kotex or Playtex, whatever commercial had the catchiest slogan. 

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It Only Takes One - August 7, 2012

Just one person can set my daughter back on the starting block.  Just one instructor can make her fear something she so recently loved.  Just one moment can make her not want to try anymore.


I spend so much time emphasizing perseverance and fortitude with my daughter.  I have read her The Little Engine that Could so many times that I have it memorized (doesn’t take a photographic memory, I guess) and I can still see the paper cut scars.  I want my daughter to be brave and bold in life.  I never want her to give up, unless she does everything she possibly can to succeed…and then some.

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Side Dish Of The Week - August 6, 2012

My daughter still likes to give me hugs in public, really tight like she means it.  The kind where her arms fold over and around my neck, like they were meant to meet there.  She still yells out my name, when I pick her up from school, like I’m Santa with a bag full of toys for her.  She jumps up and down and yells “Mommy!  Mommy!”


She still calls me her best friend and not just because it’s what I want to hear.  We are best friends.  Always together and BFFs to the core.  She is the most prominent and permanent fixture at my side. 

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Lyrical Legacy - August 4, 2012

Someone I shook hands with once.  Someone I spoke to with mostly small talk, sprinkled with a few meaningful words.  Someone I met 16 years ago.  Someone whose music I once had on repeat.  Someone whose brother I know.  That someone died last Tuesday, July 31st.


Even the death of an acquaintance can change our lives.  Tony Sly, lead singer of No Use For A Name, was 41 years young.  One day I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing plugs by his brother for upcoming solo gigs.  Only weeks later, I’m seeing old band photos with lyrics he wrote only days before his passing.

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Momnesia - August 3, 2012

I’m sure this topic is brought up on blogs everyday.  I wouldn’t know, though, because most of the time I suffer from Momnesia.  Since I had a kid, I don’t know whether it’s lack of sleep or lack of intellectual stimulation, but my IQ has dropped and I’m constantly forgetting the simplest things.


As SAHMs we often don’t wear make-up or shave our legs.  I try to do both, but some days it seems pointless, just to go to the park.  Sand is good enough for exfoliation and I can always wear shades.  Forget about make-up, I now forget daily essentials like putting on deodorant or brushing my teeth. 

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The Lone Wolf - August 1, 2012

My husband is a daddy loner.  The funny part is he’s part of a wolf pack that silently feels the same way, but doesn’t hangout together.


As women we all thrive on the conversation we share with our co-workers of life, our mommy friends.  We look forward to playdates, bunko nights and girls night out with our mommy friends, so we can commiserate, share a laugh and talk about dumb reality shows, because they’re all we have the brainpower to watch.


Working or not, we seek out the company of other women: calling up old friends we remember have kids, looking online for groups with similar interests (basically, do you have a heartbeat and do you have kids?) or heading out to the watering hole with our single friends, once in a blue moon, for what I call the Mind Eraser.

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Naptime Whine and Wine - July 31, 2012

This week Babyface has no summer school, preschool or camp.  There is no place to drop her off and pick her up.  I am lost without the structure.  I am lost without my mommy time.  It’s just her, a big fat mess and me.  I just hope to make it to nap time everyday, so I can unload my stress…with a glass of wine.


I watch the clock all day like I did when I was in school.  One minute is like an hour, when I’m playing Uno for the fourth time.  One minute is like an hour when we’re doing a craft together, but in reality little miss bossy pants is telling me what I’m “allowed” to do. 

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What’s on iTunes for your Toddler? - July 30, 2012

My three-year-old sings Lady Gaga on repeat sometimes.  She sings about how she wants someone’s disease and she wants their loving.  She’s been doing this since she was two.  This song always tops off our nightly dance party and it drives us crazy, but we let her listen to it because it makes her happy.  We let her listen to it because we want her to love all types of music.  We want her to determine her likes and dislikes early in life.


Most of my mommy friends purchase Disney Princess or Dora CDs and listen to them in the car, at home and in their heads, all day long. 

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