Pretweener - September 28, 2012

“Mommy, do I look beautiful in this?”  The other night at my much needed Mommy’s Night Out (I basically guzzle a glass of wine from relief, while walking from the door to the table at the restaurant), a few of my friends mentioned that their 4-year-olds are asking this question, when trying on clothes.  Babyface is a few months younger than most of their daughters.  Most often, like clockwork, their words are a crystal ball for my daughter’s future actions.


When I bought her back-to-school clothes, this time around, I let her pick them out with me.  That way, she can pick from clothes we both like, but still feel like she’s making the decision each day. 

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Nasal Marathons - September 27, 2012

My daughter’s nose likes to run long marathons without breaks in-between.  They’re all “functional” colds.  Her temp is still around 99.0 and her energy levels are still higher than mine at their peak.  She still goes to school, classes and other activities.  She’s just covered in snot while she does it.


The day she checks into her first day of school, she checks out kind of cranky.  I always have the bulb syringe, saline spray and tissues on call.  It’s like clockwork and I like to be prepared.  Cranky leads to abnormally laying on the couch for one hour to a runny nose, another hour later.

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Best Friends Again - September 26, 2012

When did I forget my writing motto?  I treat every piece I write like it’s my last and I always try to make myself laugh a little.  If it’s the last thing I write, I want people to remember me by it, and if it truly is the last thing I write, then I want to die laughing.


For two weeks, I lost sight of why I write.  It started to be about the number of “likes”, peer approval or being validated by a major, mommy site.  I would hit refresh on Google Analytics and wonder why my visitors were dwindling. 

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For The Love Of Mozart, Mia and Mikhail - September 25, 2012

I’m riding on the hypocrite train and I’m seated next to a slew of Tiger Moms.  Next stop: the poor house.  I keep getting carried away, signing my daughter up for all of these activities.  When I start to forget what activity occurs on what day and I have to come up with some color-coded, wall calendar to help me remember, I’ll schedule my own intervention.  My memory should be enough and if it isn’t, then she’s over-scheduled.


My philosophy: in a few years, she’ll have homework and she won’t have as much time to explore and discover what she really loves to do. 

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Band-Aids Be Gone - September 24, 2012

My daughter is obsessed with boo boos, Band-Aids and stickers.  Anything with an adhesive backing is as good as gold to her.  I’m afraid if I give her a roll of tape, she might tape her eyelid shut.  I’m afraid if I give her a post-it, she’ll be the girl who pastes it to her forehead.


When I was a kid, there was only one type of Band-Aid.  It was the original, ugly, flesh colored type with no special padding or shapes.  Now, I spend almost $3 on a box of Disney princess Band-Aids that she puts on fake boo boos. 

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Zen And The Art Of Extractions - September 21, 2012

For the past two weeks, I have nicknamed myself Pepperoni Pizza Face.  Ever since I took an antibiotic for a sinus infection, I have these tiny bumps on my face.  I feel them every time I run my fingers over my face.  If I could read braille, I’m sure there would be a story to tell.  Maybe even a novel there, because the bumps are everywhere.


I can handle my roots showing from not getting a highlight in 4 months.  No biggie.  I can handle gray hairs peaking out of my scalp, so I look like a skunk-head punk. 

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Job Title: Mom - September 20, 2012

If and when I decide to go back to work, I’m listing “Mom” at the very top of my resume.  Why do women leave it off and lie that they took time off?  People spout that I’ll be professionally doomed, if I don’t put my daughter in day care or let someone else wipe her butt and teach her the basics.  It’s the loudest echo in the room at family functions.  I always reply, “I haven’t taken time off work.  I’ve been working overtime.”


Yes, this answer may not fly with every hiring manager, namely someone without a kid, but I don’t need empathy. 

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Guest Post: Mamas Against Drama: Stay Strong - September 19, 2012

I’ve written a guest post over at Mamas Against Drama. Check it out, comment and share. They don’t judge and I love it!


I’ve Got Rhythm - September 18, 2012

I now know why Gloria Estefan keeps telling me “the rhythm is going to get me”.  Today, I learned the difference between rhythm and beat.  Yes, I realize this is something most 4-year-olds know.  I realize it’s something Big Bird probably pondered and figured out on Sesame Street.   Somehow, it’s something I just didn’t think about.  Or maybe I just never thought enough about it to decipher the difference.


Today, I hear rhythm in everything.  The perfect case of learning something with my kid.  My daughter’s music school doesn’t know it, but we’re getting a 2-for-1 deal.  A few months ago, she fell in love with the violin, but her fingers are too little. 

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Happy Gasiversary - September 14, 2012

When the ordained minister said “for better or worse”, a tiny talk bubble erupted from my head with words like “job loss”, “health problems” and even “financial crisis”; all things that my husband and I have dealt with over the past 6 years.  I was reeling and ready to go.  After all, we had already lived together for almost two years.  What would possibly be dealt to us that we couldn’t conquer together?


Before the wedding, I was so consumed with planning that I never really stopped to smell the roses.  My sense of smell was on hiatus along with my sanity. 

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