Monica, Phoebe or Rachel? - July 27, 2012

When I was single, I used to watch shows and wonder which character I most resembled.  Now, I watch shows and wonder whom my daughter may be like.  Of course, I want her to march to her own beat, which she has already mastered.  I just wonder what she’ll be like when she’s a teenager or a grown woman.


Will she have drive in life or be lazy?  Will she be a social butterfly or a recluse?  Will she be awkward or confident?  Will she be self-deprecating or self-motivating or both?  Will she be a leader or a follower?  Will she be a girl with gumption?


Will she be the girl that all the guys chase?  Will she always need a challenge and never be satisfied with the “nice” ones?  Will she spend her life pining for someone?  Will she fall in love with her best friend?


Will she be neurotic, like me (probably, but I’ll do my best to help her avoid it)?  Will she be quirky and odd, but fun?  Will she be a mean girl, a true snob to the core?


Of course it’s not black and white.  She will reflect many shades of grey (hopefully, not the “literary” kind). The questions are endless with only predictive answers.  Just to have a little fun, I’ll evaluate the characters from one of my favorite TV shows, Friends, and determine which girl I’d prefer her to resemble.




She’s quirky, the weird one of the bunch, with the ability to see the positive in almost everything.  Her music stinks, but yet she thinks Smelly Cat is a masterpiece.  Her confidence almost convinces us that it is.  She thinks her grandmother is reincarnated in a cat, which is borderline cute, cuckoo and creepy.  She’s a former shoplifter and cat burglar and we learn she once mugged Ross.  She put her bad girl ways behind her, cleaned up her act and became a masseuse.  She lands Paul Rudd on the show, who is by far the hottest SO.  My daughter shares her silly run.




She’s the former fat girl and ugly duckling.  The girl who turned into a beauty, superficially, but never quite got rid of her insecurities.  She has an inferiority complex with her brother because she was the least liked by her parents.  She has a severe case of OCD; you can eat off her hardwood floors.  She’s organized.  She has drive and becomes a successful chef throughout the show.  She finds love with her best friend, the self-deprecating and funny Chandler.



She’s the former mean girl of the group.  She’s daddy’s little princess and it shows.  She demands a lot of attention and doesn’t have the best judgment in relationships.  When Ross has his big awards dinner, she almost makes him miss it by taking too long to get ready.  She’s selfish.  She turns his big night into something about her.  She does go from being a coffee girl to following her dream of working in fashion, so she does have drive.


I would love my daughter to be a combination of all three, but if I had to choose, I would pick Monica.  Phoebe has too many screws loose and Rachel just seems too into herself.  Monica is driven, funny, lands the best relationship and has struggled in life so she appreciates the happiness she has found.  Plus, she can cook!


For those of you who have boys, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Ross, Chandler and Joey.  For those of you who have girls, let’s play, let me know your thoughts.


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