Her Sh!t Doesn’t Stink - November 27, 2012

Her Sh!t Doesn't StinkWhen the nurse hands us our newborn and we’re first introduced to their various smells, we’re both enchanted and disgusted.  Their “baby smell” is intoxicating.  So intoxicating that after our children grow out of it, we resort to carrying other people’s babies, just to get another whiff; sometimes holding them until we reek of nostalgia.


When Babyface was a baby, I could always tell the mothers from the non-mothers, as they passed by.  Sometimes the mothers would slow down as they neared and sometimes I could even hear them take in a deep breath.  Anything just to get a fix of that baby fresh scent that so many have tried and failed to bottle in shampoos, soaps and antiperspirants.


Babies’ smells float along a long spectrum of good and what a new parent might describe as pure evil.  I’ll never forget the first time I smelled one of my daughter’s stinkers.  It was like someone had opened the door to an overflowing Porta-Potty, shoved me in and locked the door.  The smell got caught in my nose for another 4 hours, invoking waves of nausea.  I was imprisoned by the stench of breast milk and formula poop.  Who would have thought it could rival my husband’s red-meat farts?


I tried everything to block that smell: deep breathing in a steamy shower, Vicks VapoRub applied under each nostril (not much different from a crime scene worker) and even a surgical mask.  Over time, I got used to the foul smell.  It became a part of my daily life.  Still, I longed for the day that my daughter would go poopoo in the potty.


As time passed, she went from infant diapers, to pull-ups and, finally, to being fully potty trained.  She’s still only four, so I often have to wipe her butt after a real doozy.  Only now, I don’t wince when I wipe her.  And, it’s not because her sh!t doesn’t smell.  It’s because her sh!t doesn’t “stink”.


I now realize that, someday, she’ll stop letting out stinkers in our house.  Someday, it will become only a rare occurrence, on holidays and special occasions.  Someday, she may not even stay long enough to let “that” smell loft through the house.


If you’re a new parent, put away the sh!t-smell blockers.  Someday, you’ll miss smelling your child’s sh!t.

  1. You are hilarious…who else can write a sentimental post about poop? ;)
    Jen recently posted..May I introduce you to "NOT Pollyanna"My Profile

    Comment by Jen — November 27, 2012 @ 9:45 am
  2. Hahaha! You are so funny lady! I totally know what you mean though. My daughter is 7, and it’s not that I miss diaper changes, but I miss the stage. And when I see babies, I do smell them and try to get close (it doesn’t help that I have been baby crazy for the last 2 years!) Totally made me laugh out loud. :)
    That Suburban Momma recently posted..Keep it realMy Profile

    Comment by That Suburban Momma — November 27, 2012 @ 2:18 pm
  3. Truth. I honestly feel like the smell of poop is just permanently etched in my nose. But I do miss the new baby smell! Sigh.

    Comment by Stephanie @ Mommy, for real. — November 27, 2012 @ 4:00 pm
  4. Oh I should add that the red meat fart comment made me laugh out loud!
    Stephanie @ Mommy, for real. recently posted..May Your Days Be Merry and LubricatedMy Profile

    Comment by Stephanie @ Mommy, for real. — November 27, 2012 @ 4:02 pm
  5. Well I can see your point but I have a 12 year old boy… and I really don’t care to smell his waste anymore! But I’ll never get sick of the newborn smell.
    Molley Mills recently posted..Is This Santa’s Last Year?My Profile

    Comment by Molley Mills — November 27, 2012 @ 5:52 pm
  6. What can I say…everything my daughter creates is sentimental. Even her poop :)

    Comment by Mommy Unmuted — November 27, 2012 @ 6:23 pm

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