Help Karen Retire - June 21, 2012

I saw two demons today, but listened to four in total.   I feel sick.  I have that horrible nausea at the pit of my stomach.  It’s full of dread.  The kind of dread and worry you feel, when a loved one is being wheeled away into surgery.  I’m worried about our future.  What will it be for my daughter, with demons like these walking around?


I watched these kids berate this poor woman.  Many have watched it.  It goes from bullying to committing a crime, packed full of violent threats.  Unfortunately, I know these demons look just like you or me, or I would warn my daughter to look the other way.  Better yet, just stay away.


I listened to their voices over and over to catch their words, so I could share their verbal stoning.  Maybe these words will haunt more parents and help them to prepare their kids better.  Maybe these words will make parents ask their children about their day.  We all hope we will never be related to a bully, but someone has to be.  Otherwise, they wouldn’t exist.


Max Sidorov has started a vacation fund for Karen Huff at Indiegogo, where you can donate to causes started by anybody. He set a realistic goal of raising $5k.  Last I checked, it was well over $250k in one day.  There are still 29 days to donate.  She doesn’t only deserve a vacation.  She deserves to retire and try to forget.  Try to forget the daily stoning she received and live by the words of her contributors.


The sound of their voices are different, but their words resonate the same evil sentiment (some of the video was muddled, so I have quoted as best I can).  Some lowlights from the verbal stoning (Metallica’s Unforgiven on maximum volume in my mind):


DEMONS CHANT (Believe it or not, there are worse quotes, that I don’t feel comfortable posting):

“You shouldn’t be talking you fat a$$.  Oh my god, you’re so fat.”

“Oh my god, the glasses are falling off, she’s sweating.  Put those glasses back on.  I can’t even look at your face.”

“If you look into her eyes, you’re going to turn into stone.”

“You’re f’ing looking like a troll.”

“Really?  We can f’ing egg your house.  You probably live in a trailer.”

“What’s your address, so I can freaking piss all over your door?”

“I’m going to go to your house and I’ll steel everything.”

“She’s going to die of f’ing diabetes because she’s so damn fat.”


KAREN (She says very little and it’s heartbreaking):

“Unless you have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

“I try to live by…some of these words.  I try, but it’s very hard.”

“Live with integrity.”

“You’re impressive.  I’ll send you Thank You cards.  Thank you for being so nice.”


If you’d like to donate, then please go here.


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