Following Strangers in Tomorrowland - July 5, 2012

My daughter followed a man today and it wasn’t my husband; it was a stranger.  We were outside of the Stich show staring at the map, trying to gain our bearings and she just walked off.   She looked disoriented and confused.


“Honey, where were you going??” I asked (okay, I screamed), probably putting a welt in her arm from grasping it too tight.


“I was following that Man,” she replied, as if it made complete sense.


Let me preface this; the man wasn’t trying to take her.  There was no major incident with Disney patrol or sirens.  She just lost her way in Tomorrowland.  Hopefully, this isn’t any prediction of her following strange men around in the future.


We believe she thought it was my husband, but they looked nothing alike.  My husband is tall and skinny.  This man was a giant, pushing a stroller with two kids at his side.   He had gray hair.  My husband has brown hair.  Their wardrobe wasn’t even similar, to say the least.  The guy was a Tommy Bahama fanboy.


We sat down for a minute to get her some water.  She was completely flushed from the 93-degree weather and 50% humidity.  She was sizzling in an outdoor sauna and needed a drink. Not to mention, I needed to breathe before I hit hyperventilation.  I could have used an adult beverage too.


We have one kid, so our eyes are always glued on her.  She didn’t even get a foot away before we grabbed her.  What about all of these parents with two, three or even four kids, floating around us?  How do these parents manage to keep their brood in tow without losing one here or there?


Babyface is tall for a 3.9 year old, so I think this may be the last year of the stroller.  I’ve already purchased the biggest one I can find and sometimes her knees look like they’ll hit her chest, if we hit a bump.  How do you keep your kid in check without building a giant Baby Bjorn or reeling them in with a leash or even a fishing pole?


I’m 5’4″ and I felt overwhelmed, walking around at times.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to be 3’6″, a toddler and surrounded by Mickey and friends.  I would be lost at check-in.  It would only be a matter of seconds before I wandered off.


Well, lesson learned.  My hands are now always sweaty, because she is required to hold one, if she’s not in the stroller.



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