Disney’s Beach Club Resort - July 28, 2012

I have four prerequisites for picking my temporary home on vacation: comfort, cleanliness, convenience and pool.  We spent nine days at Disney’s Beach Club Resort in early July and here’s the lowdown.  Our digs weren’t quite luxury, but they weren’t a letdown either.




The bed can be the difference between a bad trip and good one; it’s the difference between a zombie vacation and one where I’m actually awake.  I don’t care if the chair or the couch in the room is so firm that I can bounce a coin off of it (this was the case, by the way).  My back needs to be satisfied with the mattress.


The first night there I got a total of two hours of sleep.  Partially, because of the foreign environment and mostly because the mattress was more firm than a hardwood floor.  This Disney Resort just didn’t seem so deluxe.


The next morning I went to the front desk to requested a pillow top for the mattress; anything to make it more comfortable.  Guest Services phoned housekeeping and explained the situation.  Well, they didn’t have a pillow top, but they were willing to change out the mattresses.  Wow!  Just because I was uncomfortable, they were willing to change out the mattress.  This was definitely a “deluxe” perk.


I woke the following morning with no back pain.  Comfort achieved.




I had requested a two-queen bedroom, two months before we arrived.  Mostly, because I figured they would give us a king room with a day bed.  The day bed would be too small for the adults and my daughter would never sleep on it by herself.  This would lead all three of us to sleep in the king, where I would eventually be kicked off in the middle of the night.


Well, my request must have fallen into their system somewhere because we were set-up in a king room.  It took about twenty minutes at check-in, but they found us a queen room and were able to make the switch.  I had asked for the room to be “special cleaned” for allergies.  I do this to avoid seeing pubic hairs in the bathroom and lipstick stains on the glasses (which I don’t use but would rather not stare at someone else’s lip prints) and it usually works.


Unfortunately, the king room was “special cleaned”; the new, two-queen room was not.  When I walked in the bathroom, there was a pubic hair by the bathtub.  This time, rather than complain, my husband took a Clorox wipe and cleaned it up.  Clorox wipes are always a nice quick fix for gross, hotel bathrooms.


Cleanliness achieved, but not by means of the hotel housekeeping; thanks to hubby’s hotel cleaning.




I would give this hotel ten stars for convenience, if I could (wait, this is my blog, I can give it 11 if I want).  It was smack dab in the middle of the action.  The free, Disney shuttle service offered easy access to the Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney and Animal Kingdom.  The later two were a bit farther, but the bus was air-conditioned.  We never waited longer than 20 minutes for a shuttle bus.  There was also free boat service to Hollywood Studios and the Boardwalk, both only 5 minutes away.  The closest park to the hotel was Epcot.  It was a four-minute walk.


For those who get tired of the greasy burgers at the other parks, Epcot is a blessing with culinary diversity.  We went there almost every evening to dine.  Convenience achieved with high marks.




Imagine an acre+ stretch of winding water with sand bottom and varying depths.  Imagine a kiddie pool only 2 feet deep with a sand dune on the center covered in cool sand toys.  Imagine a slide that leads from a shipwreck to the main pool.  Imagine a kiddie slide for your more, slightly scared toddler.  If this sounds enticing, then you don’t want to miss the pool the experience at the Beach Club Resort.


Honestly, I have never seen a swimming pool this nice and I have done a great deal of traveling. There were unlimited towels.  You didn’t have to lug them from your room or bring them from home.  There were ample beach chairs.  Even during the July 4th week, we never had a problem finding three next to each other.  The pool was always nice and warm, perfect really.  There is a quick service restaurant and bar right next to the pool, if you want to enjoy a cocktail or hot dog.


The greatest perk: the pool stayed open until 11 pm almost every night.  We could wind down after a long day and watch the fireworks from the various parks while swimming.  This was by far the best thing about this resort and made this Deluxe resort worth the extra money.



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