Confession: I Hoard Baby Stuff - April 8, 2013

Confession: I Hoard Baby StuffI am a pack rat.  I find it hard to throw things away, wondering whether I’ll need them in the future.  That old, half-used, work notebook will come in handy someday, right?  After all, there will be a day when I’ll need paper and it will be my savior, right?


That old, half-used bottle of straightening shampoo has a shelf life of forever, right?  Keeping my old laptop from six years ago will make sense someday, right?  What if we lose our back-up, hard drives and I need to re-download the pictures, right?  Those old, worn-out, platform sandals will come back in style someday, right?  Some wunderkind cobbler will fix them up, shiny and like new, right?


When we moved, I did the best I could to discard of most of my unnecessary goods for Hubs’ sake.  He hates the clutter effect that my pack rat mentality chooses to maintain.  It has a mind of it’s own.  Of course, we negotiated, so we still have a few boxes that have never been opened.  Mind you, we’ve lived here for three years.


Well, I believe I’m settling into the hoarder end of the spectrum with all of the baby stuff.  In my mind, the baby shop is closed.  In my heart, it’s just closed for renovations.  There’s still a chance that I might have another baby.  It’s a .0001 percent chance, but it still exists.


We can only park one car in our garage because I have kept all of Babyface’s stuff, toys, books, and clothes.  I’ve even kept my extensive, maternity wardrobe.  I was working when I was pregnant, so I bought nicer clothes back then.  My pregnancy couture was definitely classier, than my SAHM couture.  Some of those items still even have the price tags on them.


I’ve kept every damn thing.  My sister gave me a bunch of hand-me-down items that we never used, that I’ve even kept.  If I didn’t use them for the first baby, why do I think I’ll use them for the .0001 percent baby in my dreams?  Even I don’t make sense to me.  The baby-stuff hoarder in me has taken over.


There are so many children who could really use this stuff, but it’s all tied to my heart with a big, long band of messy twine (Rochester, eat your heart out.  This is about material love).  Cut it and my heart might stop from a lack of hope or possibility.  .0001 percent of hope and possibility, but it still exists, regardless.


Recently, I’ve come to terms with my baby-stuff, hoarder ways.  All of the boxes are about to topple over onto my car.  My car is my other baby.  I’m left with a decision that feels equivalent to Sophie’s Choice.


Do I face reality and let the baby stuff go?  When will I be ready to shift .0001 percent to zero percent?  Will menopause be the only end?  Wait, after that, what about all of the babies that will need to be adopted?  Will I see or meet one someday and wish I had stayed a baby-stuff hoarder?


Regardless, Hubs is growing Grinch green from the wait.  Hubs is growing Grinch green not being able to park his car in the garage.  I often search for the phone number for the Salvation Army.  I just can’t get myself to dial the numbers.  Pretty soon, we’ll have to rent out storage space and pay someone for me to be a baby-stuff hoarder.


  1. It could be worse. I hoard babies. When my biological kids got *this close* to being completely self-sufficient, we started fostering. And then we adopted two. And then we fostered again. And now we’re a few months away from finalizing our third adoption. This is the end though…unless I decide to hoard husbands. Husband #1 says he’s done. ;)

    Comment by Amy Garnett — April 9, 2013 @ 7:24 pm
  2. Hahahaha…hey, reality TV embraces sister wives now. I support you in your brother husband movement. Especially, if it means you can hoard more babies! Jokes aside, I’ve thought about the foster parent idea. Too many kids that need love :)

    Comment by Mommy Unmuted — April 9, 2013 @ 7:40 pm
  3. Oh hun! Don’t worry you’re not the only one…I want to start hoarding baby stuff and I don’t even have a baby yet! So until then I’m a horder of all other items that I could possibly use for crafting! So if you have old clothes you don’t wear send them my way! =p lol

    I’ve missed you! Hope that you’re doing well! I miss walking dead…so sad I have to wait so long till next season! Wished you were closer we could totally do a zombie run together! =)
    Courtney recently posted..The Perfect Dumpling is almost as possible as the perfect life!My Profile

    Comment by Courtney — April 11, 2013 @ 5:44 am
  4. You are too funny. When you finally have a kid, and I have faith that you will, all of the creative, craft ability will come in handy. Especially, during Spring Break and summer, when you have to keep your little one busy. I wish we lived closer too. We could play video games and watch zombie shows and movies together :)

    Comment by Mommy Unmuted — April 12, 2013 @ 5:16 pm
  5. When my fist kid was nearing age two… after numerous failed attempts at giving away his clothes, id finally come to terms that id never actually do it. I decided the best way to avoid carrying boxes of unusable clothing around the rest of my life, would be to make them into a really fanfrickigtastic baby-clothes quilt. My best idea EVER. No longer do i have to make room for umpteen boxes of used clothing. Now if i could just find a place to store all these bags of perfectly cut, ready-to-sew baby clothes.

    Comment by amanda — May 12, 2013 @ 11:48 am
  6. Such a wonderful idea. A quilt. Now, I just need to learn how to sew :)

    Comment by Mommy Unmuted — May 12, 2013 @ 9:58 pm

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