City Of Joy - March 12, 2013

City of JoyIt’s been 3.5 years exactly, since we sold our condo in the city and ventured to suburbia.  If you had asked me 14 years ago, I would have said I would never venture away from the bright lights of the big city and settle into a safe, single family home.  For my daughter, it would have been like putting on a princess costume, when she wanted a dinosaur one.


I never thought I would miss the smell of urine or the dirty cigarette butts that lined certain streets.  I never thought I would miss the sound of sirens, as they used to hum me to sleep.  I never thought the sound of silence would provoke insomnia.  I sometimes fall asleep to Cops on the TV, just to feel like I’m home.


I miss the short walks I would take and the life I would see.  The zoo of humans out of their cages, roaring and prancing through the streets.  The pitchy laughs and cackles that made me smile.  Life was definitely not lacking at every corner.  The beasts would come out at night, offering up free entertainment.


I miss the taxicabs and never having to move my car.  I could see any band I pleased, mega or new, as long as I held the tickets.  I could sip on wine and not worry about the consequences.  My condo was always a stones throw and safety just a fare away.


I miss the culture and the deep conversation.  I miss the art and all of the new exhibits.  I miss my memberships that would always be used, due to proximity.


I miss the IMAX Theater that was true IMAX.  I miss the movie theater in the upscale shopping mall with diverse culinary delights.  I miss our date nights each and every week.  We would sneak into a second movie and feel like we were robbing a bank.  We were free and life was simply…interesting.


I miss the short drive to the ocean.  The easy access to the smell of the seaweed and saltwater.  I miss running my cold feet through the sand, as the fog made the world disappear.


I miss the street festivals.  During the summer, a new one each and every week.  Microbreweries and wineries showcasing their goods.  Artists coming out to the public.   Crafts and clothing with a unique flavor.


I miss the bright lights that masked the stars, feeling like I was in my own Truman Show.  I would say I miss my home, but someday I’ll go back.  Besides, my home is where my heart is.  Trite cliché, yes, but Hubs and Babyface make me smile, just the same.


I will say that once Babyface leaves the nest (and I don’t want that to happen anytime soon), I’m pretty sure we’ll venture right back.  I’ll someday let those sirens sustain my sleep again and be released from my cage.  For now, I’ve got a good recliner and a comfortable car.  Maybe I’m living life out of order.  I’m gray now, but the color will come back soon.


  1. I can certainly empathize, BIG time. I moved from the suburbs where Boston, Cape Cod, ski mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire was only a drive a way, and diversity wasn’t something you read about in books, to the Midwest where there’s. . . well . . .none of that.

    I used to tell my kids “you need to go to college in Boston and bother your Grammy for a while”, but what I really meant was “you need to go to college in Boston. See you there”!
    Karen @BakingInATornado recently posted..Texting, Mom StyleMy Profile

    Comment by Karen @BakingInATornado — March 12, 2013 @ 9:02 am
  2. That’s too funny. I always hope my daughter wants to go to school in London or Manhattan someday. Poor thing. I’ll be her neighbor!

    Comment by Mommy Unmuted — March 12, 2013 @ 9:55 am

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