BellaVita iPhone 4S Wristlet - January 14, 2013

BellaVita iPhone 4S WristletSometimes I think I might as well carry a rolling suitcase around when I go out with my daughter.  For about a year after my daughter was potty trained, I used to carry her diaper bag around, just because it was the perfect size to fit all of her “necessities”.  Regardless of where we go, you never know when she’ll need a Band-Aid, Neosporin, snacks, small toys, a sippy cup full of water, sunscreen, wipes or even tweezers.


Then, there are the times, when I venture out alone.  Maybe I’m making a quick shopping run.  Maybe I’m going to the gym (BIG maybe). 

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Review: Finding My Second Skin With Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts - November 11, 2012

Review: Finding My Second Skin With Adovia 100% Dead Sea Bath SaltsBeauty products, especially bath-related products can be hit or miss.  They may have a nice scent, but leave you smelling strawberries for hours after, ad nauseam.  The fizz may fizzle out within the first two minutes of the bath.  The bubbles may offer a few minutes of foam, until I’m looking straight at my privates.  My boat sinks to the bottom and I can see it (nothing wrong with making more use of my daughter’s bath toys, right?).  And, what’s the Titantic without the icebergs?


I love to be surprised.  And, indulging in Cleopatra’s Choice Adovia 100% Dead Sea Bath Salts was like picking a chocolate from an assorted box and finding out it’s a dark chocolate truffle; baths, dark chocolate and wine being three of My Favorite Things, if I were to do a Sound of Music remake. 

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Dare To Dream - October 16, 2012

Mark Ludy When I Was A Girl I DreamedMy daughter’s rocket ship sighting the other day reminded me of a recent visit to a local, Art and Wine Festival.  I love to stroll, glass of wine in hand, and booth shop.  Usually, I just look at and buy small trinkets.  Maybe, stop and watch the drunken dancers by the main stage.


This time, we stumbled upon something quite different, an illustrator, Mark Ludy, not only selling his artwork, but children’s books he illustrated.  His artwork caught our eye, and the books sucked us into the booth.  I thumbed through each book and picked one I felt reflected me as a child and knew my daughter could relate to, When I Was A Girl… I Dreamed, written by Margaret Baker and Justin Matott.

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