The Carpenters Halloween Soundtrack And Story - November 1, 2012

The Carpenters Halloween Soundtrack and Story

Contrary to expectation, Halloween was like The Best of the Carpenters for all participating in our family.  It was lovely and cheery (sometimes ad nauseam), yet scary for all of the wrong reasons.


We woke up late (no early preschool) and my daughter was On Top of the World.  After all, I thought, We’ve Only Just Begun.  There was a lot of twirling and dancing, which I tried to keep to a minimum because my hip is on the fritz.


Babyface did a repeat of Belle this year, so we saved $$ on a costume upgrade.  You’ve got to Bless The Beast And Children.  She’s not fickle, when it comes to her Disney Princesses.


The skirt was calf-length instead of ankle-length, but I told her, “Don’t worry, it’s not The End Of The World, everyone will still long to be Close To You.  After all, Baby It’s You.  Your dress is vintage, circa 2011, which means Disney doesn’t sell that exact style anymore, so it’s worth more.”


Little Girl Blue’s face lit up and I could tell she felt like a Superstar.  We put on her gown, gloves, crown and off-white leggings (we don’t sacrifice our health for style around here).  She picked up her wand and was ready to head to school for the Enchanted House.  Basically, a cheery haunted house, which goes against the grain of Halloween, but what evs.


We did a photo shoot in the living room.  We had to capture that Sweet, Sweet Smile.  There were several princess poses: hand tipped up, head tilted to the side and calf lifted up.  She was really hamming it up.


So Yeah!, we were on our way.  We headed to This Masquerade.  As we drove there, raindrops landed on the windshield.  I thought of Sandy and wondered why nature, the environment and people are always Hurting Each Other.  For All We Know, people are trapped, cold and hungry.  I felt guilty for even celebrating Halloween, but then looked at Babyface and thought, “I had to do this All Because Of You.  You’re a little girl.  You deserve to have Fun, Fun, Fun on Halloween.”


Babyface loves the rain, especially jumping in puddles and mud with her cutest clothes on.  I felt sad, because Rainy Days And Mondays always get me down.  It was sunny Only Yesterday.  But, There’s A Kind Of Hush that we have with our kids as mothers.  We can’t let ‘em see us sad, sweat, scared or even tear up.


When we got to the school, there were mothers and disguised kids everywhere.  There was a sea of superheroes and princesses.  I noticed everyone had a bag or a bucket and I was just an Ordinary Fool who forgot one for Babyface.  I had no clue what to do.  Where Do I Go From Here?


I remembered that Love Is Surrender and decided Let Me Be The One to sacrifice.  I found a shopping bag and emptied the contents of my purse into it.  I gave my daughter the empty purse and she looked like a bag lady princess, but it was better than a grocery sack.  I thought, “It’s Going To Take Some Time, but she’ll get over it.”


After the Enchanted House, we went downtown for some bagels with our friends.  The rain had stopped and it was One Fine Day.  The kids were all Happy.  My daughter has never liked bagels, but I discovered that she loves cinnamon raisin bagels with strawberry cream cheese.  I love bagels, so I was no longer Solitaire in my taste.  I Just Fall In Love Again every time I eat them.


The kids did some trick-or-treating from shop to shop.  The stores hand out candy to get the mamas into the store.  Shopping is another one of My Favorite Things.


After that, my little Piano Picker had to get to her weekly lesson, we still had to carve the pumpkin, watch It’s A Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and have a little Intermission, aka quiet time.


Around 6 pm, it was Time for some trick-or-treating.  We told Babyface, “Don’t Be Afraid.  The ghosts and goblins are pretend.”


For the past two years, our street has been a Halloween Ghost Town.  It was like we were Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft.  This year, kids and parents were swarming the streets.  The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.  We were worried we might have to Turn Away some tikes after we ran out of candy.  My daughter took forever at each house.  We were all like, “Any Day Now!”


After we got home, I poured a glass of wine, looked at my daughter and thought, “You’re Enough.  Two kids may be one too many.  Those Good Old Dreams of having a big family now make me tired.  Guess I Just Lost My Head, when I kept all of your baby stuff “just in case” in the garage.  Bonfire at the beach this weekend!  I’m Caught Between Goodbye And I Love You with just one.”


Then the night got even scarier.  We have never given Babyface more than one piece of candy in one sitting.  We let her pick three.  She had found her Rainbow Connection.  We now had our very own Halloween monster, a Goofus, running around the kitchen island screaming, “aaaaahhhhh…”


We figured she would have to come down from her Crystal Lullaby sometime soon.  We laid her in bed and said, “Look To Your Dreams for fun.  Halloween is over.  You have school tomorrow.”


She said, “Why is Christmas taking so long?”


And, just like that I said Goodbye To Love.  Hubby and I were too tired for any kind of Prime Time Love.  We just needed a Silent Night and a lot of alcohol. It’s just too freaking early for Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.  All I want to do is Deck the (Damn) Halls tomorrow.


Just like that, we went from The Carpenter’s singing Superstar to the Sonic Youth version.

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