Busted! - August 31, 2012

There’s a local, hotel bar that my single girlfriends frequent.  The kind that all of the wealthy investment bankers, venture capitalists and lawyers go to unwind after work.  Not my cup of tea, but once in a blue moon I’ll tag along just to spend time with my girlfriends.  Okay that, make fun of the men that go there and pretend my life is more interesting than mommyland for a moment.


A six figure salary (and then some), a high “series” car and a “black” credit card with a side of arrogant and self-centered all seem to be prerequisites to get served there.  The cocky, co-worker patrons all stand around talking shop and staring at the meat.  They drink single malt scotch and smoke cigars.  Sports are the only occasional sidetrack topic.


Every now and then, I would see a few women that looked out of place.  Their skirts would be more suited for an LA nightclub, not this stuffy, moneymaker scene.  Their make-up would have a few more levels of frosting on it.  Their stilettos sharp enough to pierce the porcelain floor.  The men would flock to them, expensive champagne in tow and wedding rings still on their fingers.  Yes, wedding rings STILL on their fingers.


I would estimate the ring-wearers at about 80%.  80% were possible cheaters.  I would always feel sorry for the wife, possibly even mommy, waiting at home.  Did she know her husband was getting cozy with some floozy at the bar?  Did she know he had his hand nicely settled on the hip of some home wrecker, right before he headed home to her?  Did his kids not get to see their dad every night because he claimed he was at a “business” event or having drinks with “clients”?


Well, I recently found out that these women are high-end prostitutes.  These women were the appetizers, or whores d’oeuvres, before the husbands headed home to their wives.  There was a sting operation there on Monday and two female cops busted employees of a top VC company using Eastern European accents and attire.


Busted!  The jig is up!  Instead of heading home and pretending to be faithful, these two men were probably calling friends and possibly even their wives to bail them out.  I love it!


Fortunately, my husband works with a bunch of geeks and doesn’t have any “clients” to entertain.  He’s always available via Skype during late nights and comes home, if he isn’t.


  1. OI! If a man wears a ring, back the f up, whore!

    Comment by MrsFun — August 31, 2012 @ 12:03 pm

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