Blast Off! - October 12, 2012

I love my daughter’s imagination.  Driving my daughter to ballet yesterday, she yelled, “wow!” from the backseat.  It was the kind of “wow!” you only hear when you surprise your kid with a trip to the Magic Kingdom or they walk into a candy, ice cream or toy store.  I hit the brakes so hard at the light that I almost went from 35 to 0 in one second.


“What, honey?  What did you see?!?” I screamed, as I whipped my head around and smashed my cheek into the headrest.


“I saw a rocket ship!” she replied.


I looked everywhere, but I couldn’t spot anything she could mistake for a rocket ship.  We must have passed it, I thought.


“Can we go back and look at it, Mommy?” she asked.


“We have to get to ballet, but maybe on our way home.  What did it look like?” I asked.


“It was REALLY big.  It was REALLY pretty.  Yay!  We’re going to see the rocket ship after my ballet class!  We have to get there quick after, because it will launch soon.  It will go to the moon.  It’s going to be so neat,” she raved.


I took her to ballet class and thought about what she must have seen.  Maybe there was a carnival in town.  Maybe there was a blimp I missed and she thought it looked like a rocket ship.  It couldn’t be a real rocket ship.  We’re nowhere near Florida and Cape Canaveral.


On the way home, I asked her to point out her rocket ship.  “Mommy!  There’s the rocket ship!  Can we go and see it?” she asked.


The picture above is what she saw.  My iPhone photography isn’t great because I had to turn while at a stoplight to take the shot.  I’m pretty sure the lady next to me thought I was taking a picture of her because she gave me a dirty look.  I wouldn’t be surprised, if she jotted down my license plate number.


“Not today, honey.  The roads don’t go there,” I replied, with the truth.


I’m pretty sure she’s going to be one of those kids that like to play with aluminum foil and cardboard and make different hats and antennas.


I’m assuming it’s some sort of antenna, but if someone can identify it, please fill me in.


  1. I wish it was a rocket ship. Your daughter is full of imagination and fun. I love it!

    Comment by Lily from It's A Dome Life — October 12, 2012 @ 10:25 am
  2. Yes, she definitely marches to her own little beat :)

    Comment by Mommy Unmuted — October 15, 2012 @ 8:36 am

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