Bio - April 22, 2012

I like to talk.  I like to talk A LOT.  I like to talk so much that my husband sometimes pretends he has a remote control and he can press mute. What he doesn’t realize is that my remote has been discontinued and the mute button went along with it.  Unfortunately, no universal remote in the world can shut this mother up.  I am a full time, stay-at-home Mommy and I am ALWAYS unmuted.


My 3-year-old daughter was a late talker.  We used to worry that she would never speak.  Then BOOM!  Almost overnight, we couldn’t stop her from talking, singing or even just repeating the same sound over and over and over again. My grinding teeth often provide in-between set entertainment.  When I complain to my husband, he usually smiles, rolls his eyes and says, “I wonder where she gets it from.”  She is her mother’s daughter, so she is ALWAYS unmuted.


I am a writer.  I am a city transplant who succumbed to suburbia in order to provide a safer and sounder upbringing for my daughter.  I would personally like to thank Megan’s Law for the move.


In this blog, I share stories, reviews and thoughts about motherhood.  I welcome your comments and stories.  After all, as Mothers, we should ALWAYS remain unmuted.

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