And Bingo Was Her Game - January 8, 2013

And Bingo Was Her GameMy daughter goes through phases.  Usually, they’re built around individual, imaginary play.  Perfect for a Mom while she hustles around the house finishing chores and managing the finances.  Legos, princess figurines, dress-up and even train sets can keep her busy for short periods of time, while I work.


Her latest phase and craze is board games, which isn’t really conducive to my typical response: “Mommy has to work.  Can you play with your toys for a few more minutes?”  I have to sit and play with her.  Most times, it’s a game that involves a princess crown or building cupcakes.  Things that I’ve outgrown, but can appreciate while my mind wanders.


Well, Santa bought her a Bingo game; a Bingo game that she can play, while watching the TV.  It has a DVD, Bingo cards and cardboard tokens.  We sit together and wait for the Disney characters to announce the numbers, as we hope for a group of five, a letter shape or a full blackout.


Being an avid fan of Las Vegas, even though we haven’t ventured there in a few years, I love to gamble for fun.  I haven’t tried Keno, yet, but I have a feeling when I’m old and gray, I’ll be sipping on an Old Fashioned and hoping for my number to be called.  I know this, because I now love Bingo.


I picture myself as a regular at the local, community center with my stamper in hand, waiting for my number to spin around and around and be called, loud and clear.  I’ll have ten cards lined up and frantically, yet excitedly, search for my numbers, just so I can scream out the word, “Bingo!”


There’s something about the anticipation of wondering whether your number will be next.  Even though it’s a simple Bingo game, it makes you feel like you’re holding a lottery ticket and waiting to be the next millionaire.  Bingo keeps me focused and into the game, instead of wondering what my next chore will be.  More Mommies need to play Bingo…with their kids.  It’s fun for everyone!


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